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Art is my mind, heart, and soul. Sometimes I seek ideas-take photos- plein air- etc., now most things are in my mind -I create using all of the images, feelings, ideas, nature, emotions I have experienced. I often loose myself when working - but not always- you can't force it. When I do loose myself color is applied emotionally and I paint what I feel - sorrow, joy, truth-imagine that! I seek to create "fresh" work and if successful it will capture anxiety, love, melancholy. Prophets were people who recognized the truth and told the truth- I try to be truthful. I have observed the world around me for decades - the human condition, light, shadow, hues- and when everything is working it is undeniable. I really enjoy creating large paintings -they can be so dramatic - tragedy, excitement, doom, exhilaration-and a statement. Art like truth cannot be denied.

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I have not had a private show. I have been successful in international juries competitions- NAMOS in 2012 in Bradenton Florida and "Martinis and Matisse" in 2017 in Clearwater Florida. Collectors include: The NCAA -new Headquarters Private Gallery - by appointment only


I have studied art independently for decades - I was initially excited and enthralled by the old masters - Impressionist and the Fuavres. Even though their works were "representational", they were, in my humble opinion, the first abstract artist. I was mesmerized by their use of color, style, edges , brush strokes, creativity. They were such a huge departure fr om the traditional representational artist - they were "fresh"! I have never stopped learning about art - the history fascinates me - wh ere is art headed? Picasso said- "Good artist borrow- great artist steal" - is this another way of describing art education? All artist are "influenced" to some degree. My dad did not want me to learn from others- he wanted me to create on my own - however- I too am influenced.

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