Painting "The fading day." | Artist SERHII KYRYLLOV | Jose Art Gallery
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The fading day.

The day freezes, dies down, time for the day to go to rest, Night post he its trusts and moon quietly waves hand! She ascended to the edge of the sky, her eye languidly gazing from it, There is no joy in it, no anger, only a quiet oblivion. Spilled its light on the plains, not forgotten about the mountains and the valley, Somewhere out there, in a distant foreign land, a thin ray will slip into your home! It will touch your palm, you touch it, it is alive! Hide it from outsiders, let it be a talisman with you! Suddenly vzgrustnetsya, I'll get it again, put my hands to the shower- Will play on all its strings, moonlight will help you! Day and night, so from age to age, send greetings from heaven to us, It's like just two people parting only when they meet there!

Materials: oil/canvas
Size:   100 W x 140 H x 3 D   cm
Year of creation: 2020
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$5,000 USD
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Keywords: qwer
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