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Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist SERHII KYRYLLOV

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So delicately "touch" nature through visual images is not given to everyone. Sergey Kirillov is a happy exception. He can be called a master of transmitting the States of nature: from the midday spring languor to the invigorating breath of a frosty morning. They are self-sufficient in their implementation and at the same time reflect the state of a person's soul, his awareness of the splendor of the world around him – no matter in hot or rainy weather. In other words, his painting is not about "trees and flowers", but about what kind of person he is, and how he sees the world from the inside. And he shares this vision with the audience, proving that life is not able to break the one who truly loves and appreciates it. Kirillov's etudes are small fragments of urban landscapes with architectural motifs, sometimes with staffage. They are written in a body, juicy, impressionistic manner, with the transfer of the materiality of the surrounding landscape or its fantasy character (what are the slightly "dancing" contours of local architecture!) Colored shadows, flickering color spots that erase the outlines of real objects, changing plans with alternating dominant warm and cold tones, dynamic, short and long, mosaic and multi-vector strokes set the sketches a certain emotional mood. In the paintings created in the Studio (landscapes and still lifes), a more thoughtful approach to the selection of forms and colors is felt. Some of them are teetering on the brink with a lyrical and emotional abstraction. The composition in most of Sergey Kirillov's works is imbued with a sense of continuous movement, as if the artist is afraid to stop the relentless picturesque "run" into the unknown. At the same time time as an irreversible flow in them freezes: it feels complete, without beginning or end, in a kind of meditative space, into which the author leads us. Carefully, but boldly, it immerses us in a world that we so often do not notice in our daily routine. A world that costs so little, but is really priceless. The artist achieves depth of space by different degrees of salience of matching planes and games on the chromatic and lighting contrasts different plans image (sometimes harsh, sometimes barely perceptible, because the color scheme works maintained in one General tone). In still lifes, pasty writing with open, pure colors demonstrates an intense "centrifugal" movement that spills out on the viewer, literally showering him from head to toe with a riot of color. Color and texture are Kirillov's main means of artistic expression, and he deliberately hyperbolizes them: this is both the artist's "business card" and a way to release creative energy. Otherwise this stream will knock him down… Plastic style of writing, organic shapes and spots give the canvases an additional effect of vitality. And so we unwittingly become part of this "celebration of life", born inside-and not outside, sometimes-not thanks to, but in spite of. This means that the fullness of emotional experiences in the works of Sergey Kirillov is not dictated by external circumstances alone. Primary-the mental state of a person, his perception of the world. A certain experience of the joy of being, enjoying the moment, a state of momentary fascination not only and not so much with nature, but with a full-blooded "fragment" of life, which, according to the law of the Fractal, strives for self-creation in larger temporal and spatial forms…

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1. Personal exhibition. Art project "Touch nature with your heart". Art A. I. Kuindzhi Museum. city of Mariupol.2017. 2. Personal exhibition. Art project "Retrospective" Center for Art and Culture named after A. I. Kuindzhi.city of Mariupol. Two thousand eighteen 3. Personal exhibition. The art project "CENETIС CODE". Gallery "Art Zavalnyi Center". Kiev. Two thousand eighteen 4. Personal exhibition. Art project "the FRUITIS OF EVOLUTION". Exhibition hall of Odessa OOONSHU. Two thousand eighteen 5. Personal exhibition. Art project "the FRUITIS OF EVOLUTION". Exhibitional hall. Nikolaev city Palace of Culture and Arts. Nikolaev. Two thousand eighteen 6. Personal exhibition. The art project "CENETIС CODE-2". Art and Culture center Them.Kuindzhi. Mariupol, 2019. 7. Personal exhibition.Art project "Touch nature with your heart". Art Exhibition hall of Energodar, 2019. 8. Personal exhibition. The art project "CENETIС CODE-2". Showroom BOONCHU Vinnytsia, 2019 9. Personal exhibition. The art project "CENETIС CODE-2". Center For Modern Arts. Ivano-Frankivsk, 2019. 10. Personal exhibition.The art project "LIGNUM". Gallery "LAVRA", Kiev, 2019. 11. Personal exhibition. Art project "Touch nature with your heart". I. Brodsky art Museum. Berdyansk, 2020g.


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Sergey Kirillov was born on March 30, 1968 in Mariupol, Donetsk region. He studied at the Mariupol art school in 1981-1982. Graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic school, art Department in 1991. Teachers: Bolotov I. G. corresponding member of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and arts. Chikov V. V. associate Professor of the Department of painting at the Herzen faculty of arts. Berezin A. I. teacher of the Academy of Arts.Repin Bells F. J. teacher of the higher art school.Mukhina and many others. Works in the field of easel painting. Participant of city, group, 28 national and 5 international exhibitions. Member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine since 2000. His works are in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Italy, Austria, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus,USA, Singapore and Germany.

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