Stop feminism Painting by Diana Ryzhkova - Jose Art Gallery
Stop feminism Painting by Diana Ryzhkova - Jose Art Gallery
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Characteristics of the Painting “Stop feminism”

Year of creation2018
Dimensions50 W × 40 H × 2 D   cm
Type of art painting
Style conceptual
Genre interior
Materialsmixed method, canvas

Description of the Artwork “Stop feminism”

Automatic translation

Stop Feminism" is a series of paintings reflecting my personal attitude towards women who in the 21st century are fighting for equal rights with men. Now in the 21st century, a woman can rightfully be considered free to any passion of her soul, whether it be politics or economics, art or exact science. A woman, like any other living being, fulfills her mission on the planet. The reproductive function is considered the main and truly correct function. This function has become a fatal link in the formation of personal opportunities among men and women. From generation to generation, the roles of people were distributed in society and established themselves. Throughout her history, a woman has tried to fight to be and participate in other inevitable earthly processes of mankind. But that time is long over, and the struggle continues. There is a correct order of things in the world, and in case of violation of this order, there is an imbalance between man and nature. A series of paintings reflects what a woman turns into in pursuit of being equal with a man.

Stop feminism

Diana RyzhkovaUkraine
Original artwork, 50×40 cm, 2018
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist

Philosophy of my creativity: I was always interested in the spiritual side of a person that we cannot feel tacitly. While I still was at the high school drawing pictures, I always knew that painting helps a person to touch the unexplored. During university years, I came up more thoroughly to the theme of art and its role as a guide between the material and spiritual worlds of mankind. I consider art that technically correct executed it is no more than «professionally trained performer» and it has nothing to do with expression.