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Philosophy of my creativity: I was always interested in the spiritual side of a person that we cannot feel tacitly. While I still was at the high school drawing pictures, I always knew that painting helps a person to touch the unexplored. During university years, I came up more thoroughly to the theme of art and its role as a guide between the material and spiritual worlds of mankind. I consider art that technically correct executed it is no more than «professionally trained performer» and it has nothing to do with expression.

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March 6, 2019 Personal exhibition "CheloVeka" Kiev, st. Olesya Gonchara 79 Theater "Bravo" March 16, 2019 Participation of "TV Man" in the performance of the "14ORLOV" tether at OBJECTS ART PRIZE 2019 Kiev, st. Shovkovichna 17/2 "Chocolate House" March 18, 2019 Personal exhibition "CheloVeka" Kyiv, street Arh. Gorodetsky 1-3 / 11 "Opera Studio of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine named after PI Chikovsky (conservatory) March 28, 2019 Personal exhibition "CheloVeka" Prague, Opletalova 5/7, Theater Radek Brzobohatý " April 4, 2019 Personal exhibition "CheloVeka" Kyiv, st. Olesya Gonchara 79 Theater "Bravo" June 2, 2019 Personal exhibition-auction (​charity)​"CheloVeka" Kyiv, st. Olesya Gonchara 79 Theater "Bravo" C​ollective exhibition September 15, 2019 “Ge​t out of my cloud “​ Ukraine, Kiev , st. Bilomorska 1 , art space “AKT”


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2012-2017 Taras Shevchenko national university of Kiev 2017-2018 Taras Shevchenko national university of Kiev

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