Painting "Double Freedom" | Artist Thomas POURCELOT | Jose Art Gallery
Painting "Double Freedom" | Artist Thomas POURCELOT | Jose Art Gallery
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Double Freedom

In all of the previous and future works using as a working basis the abstracting of the traditional Chinese characters used in Taiwan, an abstractization which does nothing more than register in reality in a process started thousands of years ago since the first pictograms, I want to highlight the culture of the Taiwanese people and contrast it with that of the People's Republic of China which uses simplified characters.The deconstruction of the characters by mixing them, by making them overlap so that visually, they are almost no longer identifiable, allows me to make them alive, not anchored in a traditionalism that calligraphy is responsible for sanctuarizing. Furthermore, the creative process leads me to let the characters, and consequently the symbolism that they carry within them, find their own paths and constructions. I return here to past questions relating to determinism and free will.Thus, I question the notion of freedom, a sacred formula, yet so undermined, which risks losing its last feathers in its battle against big data. Double Freedom therefore focuses on the invidual freedom that the Chinese people in the Republic of China have already lost and on the Taiwanese collective freedom that the PRC wishes to take.

Materials: acryl/wood
Size:   46.4 W x 28.8 H x 1.7 D   cm
Year of creation: 2020
Genre: History
Style: Abstract
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$290 USD
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From Thomas POURCELOT , Taiwan
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