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About the artist YURII SINITSYN

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I draw the whole conscious life. Initially, there was a long passion for graphics and engraving. Since 2015 I have been painting landscapes, urban architecture, flowers. I like the calm thoughtfulness and warmth of autumn, the dreaminess of rain. bright courage of summer, tenderness of spring, elegant beauty of winter. And the cities .... How can one remain indifferent to the narrow southern coastal streets, to the St. Petersburg houses, the beauties of Kiev, Venice? And, of course, genre paintings. After all, our country and its history are so fascinating. I write in oil, in mixed media (butter-paste), oil in watercolor. I am constantly experimenting, learning new techniques, techniques. I am writing original paintings, custom paintings and free copies. My works are in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Israel, China.

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2017 -2018 exhibitions in Belotserkovsky House of Creativity

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