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Professional artist, born in 1969, Lviv. Education Lviv national Academy of Arts, Department "art textiles". I work in the genres of easel oil painting and pencil graphics. I have been participating in international and all-Ukrainian exhibitions since 2000. Solo exhibitions: 2003 (Kiev, gallery "Nave"), 2005 (Lviv, gallery "Сream"), 2011 (Kiev, gallery "Аttribute"). In 2019, at the illustration competition in V@В Gallery, Kiev, I received a special prize from ADEF-Ukraine publishing house.

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Solo exhibitions: 2003 (Kiev, gallery "Nave", national Historical and cultural reserve Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, 2005 (Lviv, gallery "Сream"), 2011 (Kiev, gallery "Аttribute").


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Education Lviv national Academy of Arts, Department "art textiles", 2000 у.

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