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I was born and raised in Kharkov. I’ve been doing creative work for about ten years. I use various techniques and styles that are fundamentally different from all the known today. The essence of most of my work is ambiguous and is designed mainly for the imagination of the viewer. In general, I value my art as the direction of the future .

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Officially, I exhibited in Kharkov and Kyiv. For the first time - in the Kharkov Regional Philharmonic (2012), then in the Buzok ICC (2015. "Contours of the Depths"; 2016. "Double Vision" and "Reflection of Illusion"; 2017. "Edge of Consciousness", 2018. "Children's Dreams", 2021 “Logos” and 2023 “Ships”) In Kiev in 2021 became a finalist of the international competition "best artist", which was held at the Museum of the History of Kyiv, where he was a member of a collective exhibition.


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There is no special education - I am self-taught. I came to creativity recently, thanks to a sudden surge of inspiration and realized that it is the main way of self-expression for me. I never repeat myself or imitate anyone, I carefully think over the plot of each work and pay attention to the smallest details, especially in the geometric genre. Some works are considered puzzles, as they are built on the basis of encrypted words in English. In addition, most of the paintings are prophetic and are mostly negative. I don't sign works as a matter of principle, because I believe in their uniqueness. Today I have a lot of projects for the near and far future.

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