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Viktoriya Dubovyk

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Viktoriya Dubovyk

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I am professional artist.Gradueted in L’viv Academy of Art,1979,l am associate professor in Academy of Art in L’viv. I am travel free between abstract and figurative art. I am specializing acrylic on canvas.My color palette is aimed at creating work devoid of drama and bringing positive emotions.I look for inspiration in everyday things which I try to raise to the level of poetry

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the Gallery “ICN POLFa “,Rszeszow,Poland,2014 the Gallery “Green Sofa”,L’viv,Ukraine 2014 the Gallery “Doubl T”,Toronto,Canada,2009 the Gallery „Impression “,Toronto,Canada,2009 the Gallery “OF Art”,Częstochowa ,Poland,2008 the Gallery”Routush”,Zauerlach,Germany,2008 Muzeum “Ansient Kyiv,Ukraine


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I graduated from L’viv Academy of Arts obtaining specialty of Textile Design in 1979

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