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Viktor Ovcharenko is a modern Ukrainian artist, a resident of central Ukraine. As a child, he tended to spend days in the nature surrounding his home, and was fascinated by the wildlife. The artist became an adult and began a career in another field, met and married his beloved Veta and settled in his current home near Kiev. Victor discovered a passion for creativity, including drawing and painting, while already in adulthood. He eventually took up a brush and made art his passion. Thanks to these classes, he began in the oil technique and began to make his first paintings for family and friends, in small formats. From that moment his training has been self-taught, guided by inspiration, by the hours and hours in front of countless canvases, by the readings he has done, by videos, online information ... Almost all his knowledge about painting has been the result of his interest, his passion, his curiosity and desire to learn. Victor's paintings are intended to create beauty, mood and the unknown, as well as to encourage introspection, the manifestation of imagination and reflection on the beauty of the world around him. "Like many artists, I am inspired by nature - sunrise and sunset, the light of a sunbeam and a moonlit path at night, a bird on a branch, a leaf on a park bench. These moments of time evoke in me emotions of indescribable joy and feelings of nostalgia for the moments and people that have already passed. My drawings are an attempt to capture such moments and feelings when words cannot express all the beauty of this Divine world.I believe it is the duty of each to share our gifts from the Creatorwith the planet."

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Self-taught artist.

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