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Veronika Gorbach

Artist from Ukraine

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 April 28th, 2022

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About the artist VerushaArt

💻DigitalArt/✏️PencilArt. I support Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Dynamo Kyiv ⚪🔵 I have been drawing since childhood. I has been drawing and writing poetry since I was 9 years old. My grandmother was very fond of my works and therefore hung them on the wall and told everyone that it was my drawings when guests came to her. From the age of 5 I sang in the Shchedryk choir and went on tour to different countries. I also attended a drawing class. I had a very good teacher. And although it was not a school of drawing, I believe that he taught me the basics of drawing. We have mastered various techniques. We drew still lifes and three-dimensional figures from nature, studied how to draw a person, his proportions. We even painted Easter eggs for Easter. And other things. I took part in the "Country I Build" competition and became a finalist in this competition. Then I decided that I wanted to become an architect and went to courses in composition and drawing (drawing skulls, antique heads from nature). And passed the entrance exams. But I never managed to enter the Faculty of Architecture. But at the same time I took exams in physics and mathematics and entered the Faculty of Aviation Electronics. I graduated with honors. But I did not work in this profession. Although I was closely involved in electronics, I became a telephone repair engineer. I worked for 5 years until I fell ill and could no longer work in this profession. So I decided to go back to what I do well - to drawing. I decided to be an artist. And on March 24, 2021, I created my Instagram @verushaart. Later, I also duplicated my Facebook page with the same nickname @verushaart. On Instagram, I participated in the Inctober contest. Although I was able to draw only 7 of the 30 works due to illness, the organizers were very enthusiastic about my work and when I met them at the Handmade exhibition at the Expoplasa, they gave me a set of graphite pencils, which surprised me. I'm still sick, it's very difficult to draw, but I'm trying.

Exhibitions of VerushaArt

I did not take part in exhibitions.

Education of VerushaArt

She attended an art group from childhood to about 18 years. She also attended composition and drawing courses to enter the Faculty of Architecture. She did not pass the entrance exams and therefore entered another faculty. I continue to learn to draw myself and still - I learn digital illustrations, graphics, pastels.

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