Artist Vera Filatova

Vera Filatova

Artist from Latvia

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01 March - 31 March, 2023
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 January 26th, 2023

About the artist Vera Filatova

The artist's works are varied, these are landscapes, flowers, animals, marine themes. In her works, the artist uses watercolor, acrylic, sometimes adding markers, varnish, gold paint.The artist's work is inspired by the calm colors of the Baltic Sea, the natural beauty of the surrounding nature, which makes her paintings soothing, awakening the brightest feelings and emotions.Sometimes surreal motifs appear in her paintings, inspired by a long contemplation of the elements of nature: the sky, clouds, the surf, mixing reality and fiction. The master classes of artists from Riga and Frankfurt helped to reveal the talent of the artist. Bright colors appear in the depiction of animal flowers and in still lifes. She paints according to her feelings, her works are always poetic and evoke a response in the hearts of the audience. The artist's works are in private collections in Latvia, Germany, France. Vera Filatova was born in Belarus and lived in Lithuania, Germany. Now he lives and works in Latvia, traveling a lot around the world.

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