Artist Valery Lyakhov

Valery Lyakhov

Artist from Ukraine

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 December 28th, 2017

About the artist Valery Lyakhov

Lyakhov Valery Vitalievich, was born in 1966 in Ukraine, the city of Dnepro. Main profession: woodcarver-sculptor since 1995. Lately I've taken a great interest in a new direction of the avant-garde - laconic sculpture of clean lines, the search for new forms of the new century.

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Exhibitions of Valery Lyakhov

Did not participate in exhibitions. He mostly worked to order, and gave away free creative works or sold them. But recently he began to prepare works for the exhibition.

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Education of Valery Lyakhov

Main work: woodcarver-sculptor since 1995. Self-taught, worked in the creative workshops of the Union of Artists of Ukraine in the city of Dnipro, in the workshop of the sculptor Zhilyak Stepan Vasilyevich. Participated with him as a sculptor in one small and one large project.

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