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Uliana Saiapina

Artist from Serbia

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Everyone says an artist should have a style. You know, a signature that you can recognize. I don't think that's quite right. It doesn't work for me. I'm the kind of artist who's always looking for something new, who writes what they want now, not what other people want. If people say I don't have a style, I answer: My style is the lack of monotony.

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My style is a lack of monotony.


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2024 - Art Exhibition With Interactive Quest Beograd, Serbia 13-19 April 2024 - Art Shopping Paris Carrousel Du Louvre Paris, France 5-7 April 2024 - "Love is art, Art is Love" Izmir, Turkey. 16-29 February 2023 - "Hello to 24, small works painting exhibition and piano recital" Ankara, Turkey 22 December-22 Jaunary


Private courses of Russian interior artist Adelina Akbirova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia November 2022 – April 2023 Private courses of Russian interior artist Kristina Brilkova, Moskow, Russia January 2024 – March 2024 Private courses in NY_School, Novosibirsk, Russia February 2024 – now

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