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Tetiana I Isaeva

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Life makes a frame, but you paint the picture. Why am I painting? Because it makes me happy. I'm enjoying the process! All my works are intuitive, spontaneous ... Images come and I just convey them. At first I depict many plots on canvas and only after a while do they appear in life ... Sometimes you see images very clearly and clearly, sometimes I resist, when the plot comes, I start to analyze, why is this? who needs it? After a while I see confirmation, a sign - random words, inscriptions, events. And I understand that I have to write.Sometimes the image comes to life, starts looking at me, smiling and it's so magical! Or time passes, and I understand why this or that story came and how it influenced my life or the lives of others. Or it happens that you look at a picture, a week later - another, but it somehow changed, became "deeper" ... P.S. And yes, I do not smoke, do not drink and am not registered with a psychiatrist)))

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There have been no personal exhibitions yet, but I took part in a group exhibition. City of Kiev, House of Artists in March 2020. Title: "I see it that way!"


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