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Terry Cornelius

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 February 8th, 2023

About the artist Terry Cornelius

Terry Cornelius is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Palm Springs, California. A native of Chicago, Illinois, his vibrant and bold art paintings draw on his experiences as a young child with an active and creative mind. An M.F.A graduate of San Diego State University, Cornelius’ unique watercolor paintings use artistry and emotion that resonates with the beauty of everyday life. Inspired by my imagination and experiences, my contemporary style uses a mix of vibrant and bold watercolors on canvas paper that create a whimsical and moderate art scene showcasing my connection between my art and state of mind. Painting from personal experiences my intent is to connect the viewer to my imagination and thought processes while allowing them to interpret and feel their own connection with my work.

Education of Terry Cornelius

M.F.A graduate of San Diego State University

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