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Tatiana Moskalenko

Artist from Ukraine

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 February 17th, 2020

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About the artist Tatiana Moskalenko

Creativity is perhaps one of the directions in my life, or rather one branch of my Tree of Life, which can remain a small process, or can grow into a beautiful Branch and bear fruit, juicy, bright, not necessarily sweet, but always unforgettable. I wish that my work, for you, was just that.

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The most important thing is not the big one that others have thought of, but the small one that you yourself have come to. Haruki Murakami Exhibitions. My creative journey started off uneventfully. Simply, without any pathos. I wanted to draw. My friend told me, so what's the matter. Take a brush and do what you want. Like, without school, training, any skills. He said it doesn't matter. Just write as your heart desires. I am open to you. Each of my work is I. So each of my work can be called, I see it this way - I want it that way.

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Pictures are my adrenaline, drive. My desire is to tell everyone how different and interesting the World is. You just need to stop in the bustle and carefully look around.

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