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Tatiana Krilova

Artist from Israel

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 June 5th, 2022

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About the artist Tatiana Krilova

Tatiana Krilova was born in 1978 in Siberia, Russia, where she grew up. In Russia, she graduated from art school and university with a degree in fine arts. In 2003, she moved to Israel with two small children, where she still lives. For some time Tatiana did not draw, she had to adapt to a new life. At 33, she again seriously returned to creativity. She took lessons from local artists, and also studied through the Internet. Tatiana paints oil paintings on canvas with a palette knife. She likes to play with colors, create reliefs, textures. Most of all, she likes to create the effect of water - transparent, shiny, deep, cool. Tatiana Krilova has participated in many exhibitions in Israel. There is a lot of color and light in the artist's paintings. Paintings by artist Tatiana Krilova create a wonderful mood.

Exhibitions of Tatiana Krilova

13/02/15 Gallery at Raanana Lake, Israel 16/08/16 Gallery at Raanana Lake, Israel 02/01/17 Gallery at Raanana Lake, Israel

Education of Tatiana Krilova

Art school in Russia 1987-1992 University -specialty teacher of fine arts 1995-2000

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