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About the artist Tanja Frost

My name is Tanja Frost, I am a full time artist based in Nitra, Slovakia. Growing up in a multicultural family and having lived in five different countries, I absorbed the diverse cultures and traditions of various peoples. From a young age, I have always been a creatively versatile individual. My educational journey led me to the field of architecture and design, and I've worked in various fields over the years. Since 2016, I've dedicated my full days to working consistently as an artist. I honed my artistic skills at the esteemed University of Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, earning a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. My academic journey, spanning from 2016 to 2020, laid the foundation for the rich tapestry of my creative endeavors. The filtering sunlight and fleeting moments of interaction with light and movement across a landscape captivate me. The technique I employ in my artworks involves the delicate application of oil on canvas, showcasing a style that gracefully bridges the realms of Realism and Impressionism. My enduring attraction to strong, rich colors serves as a defining element in my artistic expression. In my dual roles as an environmentalist and impressionist, I am deeply inspired by nature. This inspiration fuels my mission to provide unique emotional support to the environment and our planet through my art. My sincerest desire is to prompt others to recognize and appreciate the beauty and love our planet offers, drawing attention to its inherent creative features. My landscapes emerge from the fog, covered in a glowing sunset light or sparkling with night lights which bring it to life. The technique of execution of my artworks is oil on canvas, my style is something between Realism and Impressionism. My works are already in private collections in the US and Europe. I took part in more than 10 exhibitions in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Italy. Many of my customers come back for repeat purchases and say that my paintings change their lives! I love to paint so much that I can’t imagine a single day without my creativity. Painting is the center of my life. Tanja Frost

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1. "Art in Slovakia: Contemporary Perspectives" Gallery of Contemporary Art, Bratislava, Slovakia Dates: May-June 2018 Description: Participation in a group exhibition focusing on contemporary art trends in Slovakia. 2. Co-exhibition Galerie Beaute du Matin Calme, Paris France2019 3. Co-exhibition Focus on colors of life, London, GB2020 4. ViaNight Mix 2020 at Audi Exclusive Gallery, gallery Amymon, Bratislava Slovakia2020 5. Co-exhibition "Crazy Love" at museum modern art- Nitra, Slovakia 2021 6. ViaNight Mix 2020 in Audi Exclusive Gallery, gallery Amymon, Bratislava, Slovakia2021 7. Co-exhibition "Place in the City", Nitra, Slovakia 2022 8. Auction "Give me a hand", Levice, Slovakia 2022 9. Co-exhibition "Simply I am", Nitra, Slovakia 2022 10. Co-exhibition Mix - Autumn Melody, gallery Amymon, Bratislava Slovakia 11. Co-exhibition "Emotions in Colors" National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia.September-October 2023 12. Co-exhibition "Open Art Fest", Prague, Czech Republic, october 2023


Bachelor of Fine Arts University of Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia Graduation Year: 2020

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