Artist Tanja Frost

Tanja Frost

Artist from Slovakia

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 September 22nd, 2022

About the artist Tanja Frost

Contemporary artist Tanja Moroz takes her viewers through visions of beauty with stunning landscapes. This Slovakia born artist is one that can take simplistic clolours and reimagine them in shadowed elegance. Rivers flow with remarkable freedom clinging to smoothed rocks in an effortless motion. Vivid flowers from every hue of the rainbow climb up buildings as they envelope terraces of old world residences. Tanja Moroz is one that sees the world of enveloped colour and brings her vision of magic and beauty to the eyes of the beholder. Although she is primarily a landscape artist, many of her paintings depict the human form enjoying their surroundings as well. The curved form of a woman on the beach along with a spirit filled cherub enjoying the coulours of autumn are among her most beautiful pieces. Tanja draws the world as she sees it and from her eyes it is truly magical and a place to enjoy life to the fullest. Whether you are viewing a beach scene or watching the mountains climb into the heavens, you will be entranced by Tanja Moroz and her enchanting imagery. "To paint with pleasure and satisfaction it is the goal I have fixed when start with painting. Therefore through different technique I always wish to express a lot of positive energy, warmth, vibrant colors, high contrast and structured surface"

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