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Artist from Hungary

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About the artist Szabrina Maharita

My name is Szabrina Maharita. I was born in Transcarpathia (Ukraine) in 1989. In my opinion anyone can make art in its own way; simply because it belongs to human nature. The human and abstract objects are my favourite subjects. My favourite techniques are watercolor painting, oil, ink and the free combination of them. About my art: I like contrasts, vigorous brushstrokes, vivid colors and to leave the background blank, untouched. When I compose I try to discover the most interesting parts of the subject and paint that. I express my art through the harmony of colours. My favourite movement is expressionism.

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SOLO exhibitions: 2015 We Are Human Mátészalka, Hungary 2015 We Are Human Debrecen, Hungary 2014 Party Moments Istanbul, Hungary GROUP exhibitions: 2018 Exhibiting Women Budapst, Hungary 2016 Exhibition for the 50th anniversary of Szatmár Elementary Art School Mátészalka, Hungary 2015 IV. Small pictures international exhibition Szabadka,Topolya,Zenta, Serbia 2014 XVIII. Pszinapszis Budapest, Hungary 2014 Meditation - Newgrange/Berlin Eger, Hungary 2014 Írka Budapest, Hungary 2014 Ság-hill Celldömölk, Hungary 2014 IV. Small pictures international exhibition Szabadka, Topolya, Zenta, Serbia 2013 Women's day exhibition Pilisvörösvár, Hungary 2013 Diploma Exhibition Eger, Hungary 2013 IX. Akvarell Triennale Losonc, Slovakia 2011 I. Mezőszemerei alkotótelep Eger, Hungary 2010 Creation Eger, Hungary 2009 Dance Macabre Eger, Hungary


I graduated as a painter in Hungary at the faculty of Fine Arts and Painting of Karoly Eszterhazy College.I also graduated as a graphic designer, and in my free time I am working as a comic book colorist.

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