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Sylwia Młodziejewska

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About the artist Sylwia Młodziejewska

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Sylwia Młodziejewska (1977): She started her adventure with painting in 2019, creating mainly for charity auctions for children with SMA, although painting flowed in her veins from birth, and the most beautiful works are born from passion. His painting reveals the influence of the aesthetics of surrealism, focusing on fairy tale stories, presenting human figures in surreal situations with a hint of mystery and understatement. The paintings are full of movement and energy, and their abstract forms allow for various interpretations. Młodziejewska often uses bright, contrasting colors that give her paintings a lively and dynamic character. These colors are also often combined in non-obvious combinations, which makes the images more interesting and memorable. The next element is form. Młodziejewska uses simple, geometric shapes, such as squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. However, these shapes are often combined into irregular and surprising compositions. This makes the images more expressive and non-obvious. Młodziejewska's paintings are often interpreted as metaphors for human emotions and experiences. They can be interpreted as images of man's inner world, his thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as reflection on human nature, the human condition in the modern world and interpersonal relationships. These images can also symbolize the complexity and ambiguity of human nature. Each viewer can find something different in them, The paintings are in private collections in Poland and abroad.

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2021 Solo exhibition Darmstadt House Płock/ Poland 2022 Solo exhibition Fountain Gallery Warsaw/Poland 2023 Presentation of images on TVN24 Warsaw Poland


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Warsaw University of Technology in Płock, Faculty of Environmental Engineering.

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