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Stefanos Folinas

Artist from Greece

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About the artist Stefanos Folinas

Stefanos is a Greek artist living in Trikala, Greece. Over the past few years, he has successfully taught himself different painting methods. Through his work as cartographer and hints of abstraction, he was able to develop his primitive figurative art which is his primary focus. Folinas’s paintings have an illustrative quality, full in movement and colours. Moreover, his work is characterised by these contrasts in colour, the texture of the materials, the darkness and the light. Incorporating sentiments of pain, protest and affirmation, this freedom of expression induces an emotional and expressive quality that mesmerises the viewer through an exaggerated and exciting space full of organic forms and shapes. Folinas’s work consists of a unique combination of an abstract, figurative imagery and drawing which is executed with a perfect balance. He creates his art in a vigorously spontaneous manner therefore he is often guided by his emotions. Working primarily with acrylic, he lets himself be carried away within the lines, colour and form. He loves the work of Jean Dubuffet, Georg Baselitz, Bacon Francis, Antoni Tapies, Agusti Puig, Pablo Picasso, Gerhard Richter. He is a member of the «Trikala painting club», «Central Greece painting club» and “Thessaloniki Painting Club”. Artist statement: "We should simplify our life and go back to the basics"

Exhibitions of Stefanos Folinas

-2015- • June 2015 MIIT in Torino “Internazionale Arte 2015” curated by Dr. Guido Folco • June 2015 “My Dreams” Flyer Art gallery-Rome curated by Irene Salvatori • September 2015 “PERSPECTIVE OF Receptivity” Palazzo del Turismo di Riccione curated by Francesco Bernucci • November 2015 Bienalle Museo MIIT 2015 – BMM 2015, curated by Dr. Guido Folco • December 2015 Villa Kosta N. Erythrea ArtWay curated by Mr Sardis -2016- • February 2016, Solo show in Mylos Pappa in Larisa, title “Tribes” • June 2016, Chilli Gallery with ArtWay team curated by Mr Sardis • June 2016, participation in the 8th annual exhibition of municipality of Eleusina curated by Nantia Vlachopoulou. • September 2016, Solo show in Lamia in cooperation with the SKETKE team, title “Tribes”. • October 2016, “PERSPECTIVE OF Communication” curated by Francesco Bernucci. • November 2016, «Neon” Inspire-gallery in Dublin by Dino Notaro. • December 2016, “Ena gallery” in Athens -2017- • January 2017,«Energy Athens 2017” in the European Center Contemporary Space Athens, curated by Geladaki Katerina. • February 2017, Team show in “Melina Center” with «Central Greece painting club». • March 2017, group exhibition inTerra Petra "ΒeLoved/Unloved",curated by Nikolena Kalaitzaki • March 2017, group exhibition «Myths and Reality» in Tsitsani museum curated by Lia Koutelieri • April 2017, group exhibition SmartArt, with «Central Greece painting club». • May 2017, group exhibition in Tsitsani’s Museum in Trikala with “Trikala painting club”. • June 2017, participation in the 9th annual exhibition of municipality of Eleusina curated by Nantia Vlachopoulou. • September 2017 , solo show in “Remmezo Gallery” in Kalamaria • November 2017, team show in “Govedarou Gallery” in Thessaloniki with «Central Greece painting club». • November 2017, team show in “Thessaloniki Club” with “Thessaloniki Painting Club”. • December 2017, group exhibition «REBETIKA » in Tsitsani Museum, curated by Nikolena Kalaitzaki -2018- • January 2018, group exhibition “Once Upon a Dragon” in Artzone 42 gallery in Athens • March 2018, group exhibition “Pseudonim” in In-spire gallery Dublin • April 2018, group exhibition “Skulligraphy” in Artzone42 Gallery • April 2018 , solo show in Larisa “Land of Men”, curated by Antigoni Kapsali • October 2018, solo show in ArtZone42 gallery in Athens, curated by Domna Chanoumidou -2019- • Group show in Chalkida and Volos with Central Greece painting club • Group show in Thessaloniki and Lamia “Touring Group show” Govedarou art gallery and PurPur gallery • Group show in Trikala with Trikala painting club • Permanent collection in Miramare hotel in Corfu Greece • June 2019 –Solo show in Inspire Gallery in Dublin

Education of Stefanos Folinas

self taught

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