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My name is Anna. Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming an artist, but routine everyday life was exhausting and forced me to work in an office. But one day I quit my job, returned to Ukraine (lived in Poland for several years until 2021) and started devoting all my free time to art. I love to create textured, three-dimensional works using texture paste (both factory and self-made), acrylic, potal, plaster, epoxy resin. But these are not all the tools I use, there are many of them, but the main ones are emotions, feelings and intuition. When I start to create a new picture, I write it without a clear plan, because I know that my soul is better at directing the process. My art always has a meaning and history of creation, which is why it is so important to read the description of the paintings. Although the description is still not enough, I want to tell more and hear what emotions or memories my paintings evoke in people, so in the future I will open my own gallery, where I will share the stories of creation, both of my works and of other artists. I will give part of the profit from the sold paintings to humanitarian or military aid. And after our victory, I will also give part of the money to charity. After all, art should inspire souls and save bodies.

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Art should inspire souls and save bodies


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Spain, the city of Benalmadena, 10/29/2023. Charity event in support of Ukrainian defenders. Organizer: Association "Ukraine is you".

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