Artist Serghei Ghetiu

Serghei Ghetiu

Artist from Lithuania

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 October 24th, 2018

About the artist Serghei Ghetiu

My detailed artworks is a peculiarity in our time and sometimes I hear people ask me why I do so many details in my artworks, it spend so much time. But in reality it comes out by itself without any stress and effort, because it is my way to see this world. I am not a hyperrealist and do not try to be one. But my artworks seem to be very realistic, because of colors but not because of form or subject. Often I get an order to make a copy of old masters and then I can show the real power of realistic painting, because all my customers are very satisfied with results.

Exhibitions of Serghei Ghetiu

My first artworks were shown already in my childhood during my education in the School of Arts in Soroca, Moldova. Some artworks were placed in the Gallery of Arts of Chisinau in 2002 by my first semester in the College of Fine Arts.

Education of Serghei Ghetiu

I have successfully completed a School of Arts in my native town Soroca, Moldova and started but not finished (for family reasons) College of Fine Arts „Alexandru Plămădeală” in Chisinau, Moldova. Now I am realistic/classical full time artist from Lithuania who admires classical art but also open for all directions in the word of Arts.

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