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About the artist Sehrish Akram

Art to me is being creative, to try something new that never existed before, to experiment, love and evolve in the process that takes you to a whole new space. Since I am a self-taught artist, exploring different dimensions of art is always fun. Testing yourself fearlessly and allowing yourself to paint things that looks unique from your perspective without worrying about the boundaries, is always a good idea! I feel like there should be a depth in art, it should narrate a story behind, the reason for its creation should be evident for those who loves to explore the meticulous details. I always want to create a WoW! element in my artworks so that the viewer can stay there for a while, take a pause & think, appreciate the art by finding the hidden details. Most of my artworks 'Glow in the Dark' and gives whimsical vibes :)

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