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I, a painter, portraitist, received my basic education in the city of Nadvirna, where I continue to develop and work creatively. In my works, I try to realistically reproduce the environment, and the portrait genre occupies a special niche in my work. The craving for the study of the human face and its subtle feelings were inherent in me from an early age. This can be seen in all my creations. Also in my work there are paintings and graphic works using plant and animal motifs, as well as human figures.

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06/23/2020 -personal exhibition of "painting" -gallery "bastion" -m. Ivano=Frankivsk. 05.11.2021 - personal exhibition of "painting" - gallery "bastion" - m. Ivano=Frankivsk. 01.2022 - personal exhibition of "painting" - Hotel Nadiya " - Ivano=Frankivsk.


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