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ruslan pushkash

Artist from Ukraine

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 June 22nd, 2019

About the artist

When you get tired of worries, when sansara of life draws you into its swampy swamp, you go to Ruslan's workshop and plunge into a sea of ​​colors. You are thrown in the cold waves of blue, you are reaching for warm yellow, red and, like a sigh over ...
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Personal Exhibitions: 1994 - Ukraine, Kyiv, gallery Slavutich           - Russia, Moscow, ЦБХ, - Exhibition, catalog. 1995 - Ukraine, Small Academy of Arts 1996 - Ukraine, Kyiv, L-art gallery 1997 - Ukraine, Kiev, gallery Tadzio 1998 - Ukrain ...
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Ruslan Puskas is a famous Ukrainian artist, born in 1963. He graduated from the Kishinev Art School and the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, the monumental - decorative workshop of Professor N. A. Storozhenko.
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