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Roman Voinov

Artist from Ukraine

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 November 11th, 2018

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About the artist Roman Voinov

Born in 1978 in a family of amateur artists. My father inherited an interest in painting from my grandfather. He was often in search of a non-standard, his work compelled him to find bold decisions and engage in tasks beyond his control. It was all expressed in paintings on canvas, walls and even household things. After these processes, I have been watching since childhood, grew up in this atmosphere, which eventually affected my real visual perception. In 1993 finished artistic school the name of A.Kuinji Art School in the city of Mariupol. I was the youngest of the students, but this did not stop me from getting a certificate of honors. Then there was a very long break, at that time life put other priorities and I did not paint for a long time. In 2015, I, so to speak, lit up, and I decided to take up the pencil. After several months of practice in the graph, I decided to switch to oil. Presently actively I write pictures, study and all anymore try to make progress in an art. I hold master classes in painting and drawing for adults, as well as studying children in an out-of-school institution.

Exhibitions of Roman Voinov

Since 2015 the permanent participant of exhibitions in the city of Mariupol: 1. Exhibition hall by them. A. Kuinji 2. PortCity Shopping Center

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