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Roman Agasyan born in 1959. Graduated from the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute. Member of the National Union of Artist of Ukraine. Participant of more than seventy art exhibitions, including International, All-Ukraine and six personal. Pictures and articles have been published in many catalogs, magazines, newspapers and television interviews. Works are in the main fund of the Kharkov Art Museum named after S.I.Vasilkovsky, in the Chuguev Art Museum named after I.E.Repin. Paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, in Europe, Asia and America.

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The first personal exhibition was when I was in schol in the tenth grade. After graduation, there were the following personal exhibitions: 2009- Ukraine, Kharkiv, Municipal Art Gallery, exhibition "Colors of Life" 2010- Ukraine, Kharkiv, Art Museum, exhibition "Mood" 2011- Ukraine, Kharkiv, Regional Philharmonic, an exhibition without a title 2013- Ukraine, Kharkiv, Gallery of Contemporary Art "AS", exhibition "Still Life" 2013- Ukraine, Kharkiv, House of Nuremberg, exhibition "Facets... visible and..." 2017- Ukraine, Kharkiv, gallery "MY GALLERY", exhibition without a title Some exhibitions in which I participated: 1988-Ukraine, Kharkiv, Art Museum "Regional Exhibition of Young Artists" 2001- USA, Jersy City, Museum of Russian Contemporary Art, exhibition "Unknown Russia 4" 2001- USA, New York, "Inter Art Gallery", exhibition "Timeless Vision" 2004- Ukraine, Lviv, National Museum, exhibition "From heart to heart" 2006- USA, Escondido, in"A Fine Art Gallery", exhibition "100 best little paintings", collection of Lillian Berkeley 2007- Germany, Berlin, Russian House of Science and Culture, exhibition "Blessing" 2007-2008-Germany, Magdeburg, Cultural Center of Ukraine, exhibition "Blessing" 2011- Ukraine, Kiev, Sholom Aleichem Museum, exhibition "Parajanov-Art" 2014- Belgium, Brussels, Cultural Center "La Villa", exhibition Contemporary views on art" 2016- Belgium, Brussels, Cultural Center "D,Auderghem", exhibition "Fine art from the collection of ZACo" 2019- Ukraine, Lviv, National Palace of Art, exhibition "East-West Together" 2019- Ukraine, Kharkiv, House of Artists, exhibition for the 175th anniversary of I.E.Repin 2019- Ukraine, Pechenegi village Kharkiv region, exhibition dedicated to the opening of the gallery named after G.I.Semiradsky 2019- Ukraine, Kiev, Center for Creative Initiatives of the Kiev City Jewish Community with the popularization of the work of prominent artists of Ukraine, exhibition "Inspiration of an artist of God. Parajanov-Fest"


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I have been drawing since preschool age. He graduated with honors from college, then from the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

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