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Richard Paolino

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 April 11th, 2020

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About the artist Richard Paolino

Hi, my name is Richard Paolino Jr. I am a Independent family oriented Artist, fr om Winnsboro, South Carolina Fairfield County... I have over 10 year's of experience in the art field...I paint using oil & acrylic with other mediums creating free hand paintings. Using, the wet on wet technique like the late Bill Alexander & Bob Ross. I paint landscape, seascapes & silhouettes. I take pride in my work & believe in customer satisfaction, for its my vision of how I see, feel, or think at the time of painting.. I also take custom orders upon request appointments... I work from my personal art studio called Paolino's Art Studio wh ere painting is living.. I have a saying in my studio, Art comes in many forms but no matter what form it comes in its an artist's way to express ourselves. My, Goal through my visions of art is to give the art lovers in the world or anyone for that matter too enjoy my views in art. To enjoy each masterpiece I create, for each piece of art has a message hoping to brighten your world, and hopefully to give you a new look in the art world....

Exhibitions of Richard Paolino

I attended different exhibition venues across South Carolina and North Carolina.. Since, 2010 I have over 10 years of experience in the art field of painting and drawing...

Education of Richard Paolino

Graduated from bethune-bowman high school with a GED in 1996. Located, in Bowman SC, and intended to the Art institute of Minnesota....

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