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About the artist Rebekah Molander

Gustav Klimt said "Art is a line around your thoughts.” I love that. That is exactly what art is to me. All my thoughts that are constantly running through my mind, all my words that that are constantly failing me. Things I want to say, but I’m not sure how, that’s why I paint. All the beautiful things and all the sad things that are in that I don’t know how to get out. And if means something to someone else, if they can see it and think I’ve felt that, or thought that and didn’t know how to say it, than that is even better. But mostly my art is just a collection of my thoughts, my dreams, my feelings, my stories I never told anyone.

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Education of Rebekah Molander

Education: Self- Taught I have always loved art. I graduated The Woodlands High School, in Texas with 6 extra art credits, in painting, photography and sculpture. I only applied to two colleges because at the time there were only two schools that really interested me - Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and Atlanta College of Art (ACA) - I got into both. I even got a portfolio scholarship, but in the end I guess it just wasn't in the stars. I took all my creative urges out on the walls of my own house, and sometimes my parents house, and the menu boards at work, until the last year or two when I decided I had some real thought of my own and I was tired of them just constantly floating around in me. I don't know if they will ever reach anyone, or mean anything to anyone else, but I'm just going to keep drawing a line around them all.

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