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Radiy Sivak

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The story of this artist is extraordinary. His path does not resemble the path of millions of other ordinary artists, whose sample skills were stamped in art schools. Under these conditions, only a few could retain their originality and uniqueness. Thanks to the perception of the world, uncorrupted by art schools, he is able to see the beauty in this world and truly feel beauty with childlike spontaneity, with wide open eyes and soul. The path of this artist is more like the path of the first world-famous masters who did not know the classical schools, but searched for their own way and expressed their vision as best they could. That is why they have become great. His art is distinguished by clear, understandable ideas and the ability to convey meaning to art lovers. Clear and harmonious images, delightful lines - features that describe Radiy as a professional. Undoubtedly, he can be awarded the title of one of the best artists living in our time. His work is equally understandable to both professionals and all lovers of the art of painting. The presence of his combinations of incredible imagination and a sense of beauty make him a great artist of our time. His talents do not fit in the same style and therefore he creates masterpieces in different directions and in every direction has reached perfection. His art will not age with time, but it will still cause bright and lively emotions through the centuries. His paintings are worth getting these masterpieces both for your own pleasure and for a profitable investment. Art connoisseurs consider it one of the best discoveries of the 21st century.

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The paintings are constantly demonstrated to a wide range of viewers and received high marks from friends, family and approval from the Almighty.


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Self-education. High school life.

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