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Qin Feng

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About the artist Qin Feng

Qin Feng was born in Xinjiang, China in 1961, his upbringing greatly influencing his work. He graduated from Shandong University of Art and Design in 1985, and has taught at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 2007, he founded the Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, which exhibits both international and Chinese artworks to create dialogues between the East and the West. He is currently a research associate at Harvard University's Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. Qin Feng has won several art awards and national art contribution awards in both Europe and America, with his "post-modern ink painting" being featured in many museum collections and art institutions across the world. As an artist and scholar across both Eastern and Western cultures, Qin Feng's works are poetically compatible with the romance of Western expressionist philosophy and the charm of Chinese writing. Through the development and application of multi-media, traditional and modern materials, the form, expression and language give a fresh personal context and style. His works not only have the profound fusion of traditional East and West contexts, but also the richness of Oriental philosophical abstract expression.

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Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2018: NordArt (Büdelsdorf) 2017: St. Catherine’s Cathedral Solo Exhibition “Meeting Angels” (Hamburg); Galleria Studio G7 Invitational Exhibition “LONGING” (Bologna) 2016: Venice Architecture Biennale “Qin Feng Special Exhibition” (San Giorgio Monastery); Asia Art Center Taipei (Taipei); Ben Brown Fine Arts “Qin Feng: Portraits and Desire" (Hong Kong) 2015: Basel Art Center AG (Basel); art-st-urban (Lucerne); Institute of Contemporary Arts at NYU Shanghai (Shanghai) 2014: Ethan Cohen KuBe (New York) 2013: Michael Goedhuis “Black Ink in Flight” (London) 2012: Shanghai Art Museum (Shanghai); Crow Museum of Asian Art (Dallas) 2011: Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (Beijing) 2009: Pace Gallery (New York); Sunshine International Art Museum (Beijing) 2008: Museum of Contemporary Art (Beijing) 2006: Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum (Miami) 2003: Asia Society and Museum (New York) 1998: Raab Galerie (Berlin)

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