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Pavlo Mykolayovych Ponomarenko, born on May 14, 1979 in Mariupol. He drew all his life, but he never dreamed of being an artist. He did not receive special training, he studied the works of the classics, independently studied the works of outstanding masters, painting techniques, etc. He graduated from the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics with a major in "computer networks and systems", and received a diploma in computer network analysis. He has been doing art since 2011, the catalyst was a conversation with a friend "for life" that there should be something else besides work and family. After that, I plunged headlong into art, and now art is my life. Until March, he lived in the city of Mariupol, but life turned out in such a way that he ended up in the city of Lviv, where he now lives and works. Favorite directions in art - avant-garde, cubism, abstract art. Member of the NSHU union since 2017, participant of all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions, Works in the genres of abstract art, cubism; in his works, he offers a vision of the surrounding world through the analysis of geometric shapes.

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EXHIBITION ACTIVITIES (MAIN EXHIBITIONS): 2023: Personal Exhibition «SEABEACH», Svitlo gallery, Lviv, Ukraine, 25.08-17.09.2023 2023: Personal Exhibition «Color strenght», Rusi Karabiberov gallery, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria 21.07-11.08.2023 2023: Personal Exhibition «Color strenght», Shostka, Artcenter, Ukraine 13.07-15.08.2023 2023: Exhibition "Unbreakable", (Stockholm Koncerthuset, Hotogret 8, 10387 Stockholm, Sweden) on 9 th may 2023. 2023: Exhibition "Unbreakable", 20.02.2023 at the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN 2023: Exhibition "Para Bellum", 24.02.2023, Gdansk, Poland. Space WL4 - Mleczny Piotr. 2023: Exhibition "Unbreakable", Florida, USA, 14.01.23, 16.01.23, 18.01.23 (Daytona Beach, FL - Peabody Auditorium; Fort Myers, FL - Barbara Mann Performing Arts Center; Sarasota, FL - Venice Community Center) . 2023: Exhibition "The Muses Are Not Silent", Denmark, Copenhagen Ukraine House in Denmark Gammel Dok, Strandgade 27B, 1401 København 24.02.23-24.05.23 2023: "Open wall 5.0" exhibition, 31ARTSPACE, Lviv 2023: Exhibition "Unbreakable", 31.01.23 (Rochester, New York - Kodak Concert Hall, Eastman Theater) 2023: Exhibition "Unbreakable", 14.02.23 (Ukrainian Institute of America) 2023: Horizons Exhibition, Lugano, Switzerland, 23.01.23 - 03.02.23 (Villa Ex - Asilio Ciani) 2022: Personal exhibition "Reflections", Lviv, Hotkevich Palace, HotArtHall gallery, Lviv 2022: International exhibition "Lviv Autumn Salon "High Castle", Lviv Palace of Arts, Lviv 2022: Second All-Ukrainian Triennial "Art Nova", Cherkasy 2021: Personal exhibition "10 years of Cubism", TsCM named after Kuinji, Mariupol 2018: All-Ukrainian cultural and artistic project "Picturesque Ukraine", Central Artist's House, Kyiv 2016: 3rd International Arts Festival "Memorial A.I. Kuindzhi", CSM named after Kuinji, Mariupol 2013: Personal exhibition of the art duo "Ars Altera", TsCM named after Kuinji, Mariupol 2012: Personal exhibition of the art duo "Ars Altera", Art Lux Center, Mariupol


1999-2005 - Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, by speciality "Computer systems and nets", graduated in "Computer system analyst" 1996-1999 - Mariupol Mashinebuilding College, by speciality "Programming for electronic computing machines and automated systems", graduated in "Programmer" 1986-1996 - Mariupol school I-III grades

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