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About the artist OTT Xavier

My paintings symbolize creative thinking patterns. I give visuals to listen to. "Who speaks, who hears, who listens?" I think that observing and giving these imaginary characters a regular voice will stimulate your creative thinking. It is your thoughts that these characters will express. That's why my characters are full of emotions. Often some even change their expressions according to the points of view from which they are viewed. They allow us to change our point of view and to make our reflections evolve. For a long time, I first painted the coming of information in an abstract way. An accident at the workshop cut me off from the use of my hand for two years. It was during my re-education that I decided to overcome the handicap and to arrived to paint my characters as I had always drawn them. Since then, I have been designing progressive installations-painting: compositions (see Instagram @ottxavier).

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EXPOSITIONS PERSONNELLES 2019 Le27 Art studio. Issoire. 2018 S’annoncer Présent. Issoire. 2015 Le Bruissement de la Lumière (2). Lamboing. Suisse. 2014 Le Bruissement de la Lumère (1). Galerie Amice. Montelimar. EXPOSITIONS COLLECTIVES (non exhaustif) 2018 Bas les Masques. Château.Aubenas. Espace Quinconces.Vals les Bains. 2014 Biennale d’art contemporain. Sisteron. 2013 Viaduc de Vénus. Chapelles d’art. Millau. Jaillissements. Parc du Futuroscope. Poitiers. Passage à l’Art. Millau 2012 Du Visible & de l’Invisible (2). Futuroscope. Poitiers. Du Visible & de l’Invisible (1). Sentiers du Rhône. Le Teil. 2011 Art Vs Schistes. Jardin de l’Intranquillité. Mirabeau. 2010 RayonnerVs s’éclipser.Aux 4 vents.Vatilieux enVercors. L’Ephémère EAU. Sur mon chemin un artiste. Jaujac. 2009 Fondation Carzou. Manosque. Digne les bains. COMMANDES/ ŒUVRES PERENNES Château des Templiers. Gréoux les bains. Biennale de Moustier. Moustier. 2006 Prendre la Plume pour être l’Auteur. Grandeur Nature 8. St Véran. WORKSHOP 2008 Faiseurs d’Eaux. HEHA. Gréoux les bains. Ecce Natura. Roussillon en Provence. Dragon & Lutines. Structure végétale. Lavilledieu. 2017 A la Découverte du Geste Créatif (6).Vesseaux A la Découverte du Geste Créatif (5). Le Monastier sur Gazeille A la Découverte du Geste Créatif (4).Vesseaux 2015 A la Découverte du Geste Créatif (3). Jaujac 2013 A la Découverte du Geste Créatif (2).Annecy 2009 A la Découverte du Geste Créatif (1). Gréoux les bains. 2007 Forêt d’Ames Dévisagées. Chemin Faisant. Privas. Feux de forêt urbains. Château.Aubenas. 2006 D’arbres.Vinezac D’arbres.Vallon Pont d’Arc


No education. Only self construction. Very curious. Inspired by life and culture. An atypical career path thirsty for freedom of expression has led Xavier OTT to be attentive to non-verbal expressions. In a dialogue with matter, he reveals perceptions of the hidden part of life. "Why do ideas suddenly spring up? Can we anticipate their coming? Which atmospheres are beneficial to the imagination? ». It was by asking himself these questions that Xavier Ott embarked on sculpture, then painting, seeking to symbolize the encounter with the germ of the idea. On the basis of cartoon-like drawings, Xavier Ott creates paintings symbolizing thought patterns, with characters animated with multiple expressions. The artist designs painting installations and compositions. The paintings can occupy several places in the space, they are connected to each other. The expression of the whole is changing. The objective is to invite the viewer to let himself be wandered through the many details of the paintings.

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