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My life today is like a fairy tale. It has many amazing events, delightful people - clients, partners and students, the favorite thing is painting, and a lot of meaning - dazzling, bright, real. Of course, this was not always the case - 13 years ago I worked as a journalist, studied in my 3rd year in profile, and did not even try to draw. And then I had a dream in which I was an artist, and there was so much happiness in it - impossible, but so desired, and I changed everything: quit college and work, prepared for a year to enter the Academy of Arts, not even believing that it was possible , "went to the artists." Now all this is long in the past, and the doubts of those years cause a smile, because that dream has long become a reality for me - many paintings and hundreds of satisfied clients who write how their lives have changed. More than a thousand students and my studio, which the other day is seven years old. A lot of exhibitions, projects on interior paintings, a scientific experiment when it turned out to be possible to measure the positive impact of paintings written by my method on people and space. And the magic at my fingertips, which I try to share through my work - which is about happiness, harmony, eternal values ​​and miracles.

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Personal exhibition - only one, in Athena Gallery, in 2018, Zaporizhia, Ukraine. It was called "Art Raisin", like my studio. And also - more than two dozen collective exhibitions, the Grand Prix of the international contest "The Image of the Child" dedicated to Z. Serebryakova, participation in plein airs in 2017 and 2018.


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Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts, Easel painting, bachelor. Creative workshops of Polina Kuznetsova, Sheretov Anton Konstantinovich, Prokofiev Angela and Eugene - an education that helped me master painting, understand and love it, and learn how to create paintings that are documents of the soul. Academy named after Kruchinina, specialty "Universal Designer" - helped me understand the ergonomics of space and paintings, understanding the trends in design and art, their psychological and social causes and knowledge, how to create harmonious interiors and create such paintings that fit perfectly into modern interiors, and will relevant for many years. Publishing and editing, the faculty of journalism, the Communist Party in Zaporozhye - the first and most fun education, which I did not finish, having left for painting after the third year. The word, like the image, is a way of transmitting important ideas from person to person. Only text is for logic and head, and pictures are for heart and soul Digital marketing at the Brain Academy, “Workshop” BM, “Personal branding” at Azarenok-pro, Business platform in Zaporozhye - that helped me turn my little “Dream Studio” into a successful and sought-after project that helped more than thousands of artists not only learn how to create high-quality paintings, but also develop an authorial style, find their own techniques, and many - open their own studios in different cities and countries, participate in exhibitions, make painting a part of their lives.

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