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Olha Bannyk

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Olha Bannyk

We are two sisters, Anna and Olga, self taught artists from Ukraine. There are no bigger and more passionate homebodies then we are. In home and cosiness we trust! Home is our religion and basement for our art. We create unique one-of-a-kind plate wall arts, which fill every house with cosiness, love and warmth of our souls. Well-forgotten classic dishes on the wall are transformed into a modern plate mosaic with unexpected subjects. Our world, and our country in particular, is full of changes and instability in all spectrum of life. And the salvation from this chaos is an island of calm, harmony and love, an island filled with the traditions of generations. We have created this art project "Homebody" to achieve and give this harmony. Each art object is a small fairy tale living in your house. Thank you for visiting our gallery. Anna and Olga. Homebody.

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