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Congratulations! I am an artist from Ukraine. I live in the city of Lviv. She loved to draw since childhood. She worked as a designer, teacher, master of stained glass and painting. At the age of 42, I thought about the years I had lived and realized that my calling is to be an artist. Creativity is my pleasure, my balm, self-healing of the soul. When I paint a picture, I feel peace and harmony. In each painting, I strive to convey the beauty of the visible and hidden world.

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24.10. 2004 personal exhibition of creative works "Phobia" in the art gallery of the city of Lutsk, Ukraine. 10.11.2022 participant of the international exhibition "Autumn Salon Vysoky Zamok 2022"in the Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine.


2000-2006 student of the Lviv National Academy of Arts • Magisterium Specialty: visual and decorative arts; Qualification: glass artist, researcher, teacher.

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