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Olga Morozova

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Olga Morozova

Born in 1972 in Kyiv in a family of artists. 1989-1998 - NAOMA, faculty of painting, prof. Zabashta. 1998 - Laureate and Fellow of the program of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation "New Names of Ukraine". 1998-2000 - exclusive contract with the Art East gallery (Kyiv). 2000-2003 - lives and works in Prague (Czech Republic). Collaborates with U Zlateho Kohouta Gallery. 2011-2013 - contract with the Tornby Gallery (Denmark). Since 1990, she has started exhibition activities. And now he is a participant in more than 50 general (all-Ukrainian and international) exhibitions. The paintings are in the National Academy of Arts and Architecture of Ukraine, in the storerooms of the National Museum of Kyiv Sophia and the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, as well as in private collections in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, the USA, England, France, Peru, Italy.

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Exhibitions of Olga Morozova

1992 - USA, Los Angeles. art fair 1994 - Ukraine, Kyiv. NSHU. 1994 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Female image" NAOMA. 1995 - Ukraine, Kyiv. NSHU; "50 years of the UN" gallery Kyiv, "Great Ukrainian women artists 95", Lavra gallery. 1996 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "New names of Ukraine" Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, "Great Ukrainian women artist" National Art Museum. 1997 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Kyiv Landscape", "Still Life" NSHU. 1997 - Ukraine, Kyiv. Painting. Actor's House. 1998 - Ukraine, Lugansk. "Spring Exhibition"; Exhibition of the best graduation works of NAOMA for 5 years, NUAU, "Zabashta and his students" National Art Museum, Kyiv. 1999 - Ukraine, Lviv. International Symposium "Fragments of Dialogue" Lviv Academy of Arts. 1999 - Ukraine, Kyiv, Painting. Gallery Art East. 2000 - Ukraine, Kyiv, "Bridges". Gallery Art East. 2000 - Ukraine. "Equinox" gallery L-Art. 2001 - Czech Republic, Prague, "Castle" Gallery U zlateho kohouta. 2001 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Prague through the eyes of Ukrainian artists", Tadzio Gallery. 2004 - Ukraine, Kyiv, "Prague-Kyiv" gallery "Kolo". 2006 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Art-Kyiv", Ukrainian House. 2007 - Ukraine, Kyiv. Triennial of painting NSAU, "10 years of Zabashta's workshop", NAOMA. 2010 - Ukraine, Kyiv. Fine Art Ukrainian House. 2010 - Ukraine, Kyiv, "The Eighth Color", Taras Shevchenko National Museum. 2011 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Fire-color", Alex art house. 2012 - Ukraine. "Bird of Happiness", gallery "Kolo". 2013 - Denmark. Triennale of Painting, National Union of Artists of Ukraine, exhibition of Ukrainian artists, Tornby Gallery. 2014 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Improvisation No." Kivo-Mohyla Business School. 2014 - Ukraine, Kyiv, "Z glybin sogodennya", Staritsky Museum. 2014 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Spring emotion" Mistetska collection gallery, "Marts unframed" M-17, "Mist Peremohy" gallery M-17. 2015 - Ukraine, Spain. Ukrainian-Spanish art project "R-evolution" Huesca. "Landscape in double lighting" Museum of prominent figures of Ukrainian culture. 2016 - Spain, Zaragoza. "Ukrainian collection of paintings". 2016 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Abstract garden" Museum of Lesya Ukrainka. 2016 - Ukraine, Kyiv, "Jazz and Kyiv" Center. Fulbright. 2016 - "Introversion" Lera Litvinova gallery. 2017 - "Clothes of the Earth" by Fyodor Vozianov. 2017 - Ukraine, Kyiv. Painting. Space "TRI". 2017 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Kyiv French Fountains" Tres francais. 2017 - Ukraine, Kyiv. "Life is jazz" America House.

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