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 October 3rd, 2020

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About the artist OLGA MATVEIUK

My paintings are a part of me. Trying to understand myself, I try to understand this world and convey my knowledge to other people. This also applies to my paintings, and my poems, stories, music. When I sell my paintings to others, I am happy because I am sending them on a great journey through space and time. I kind of send a part of myself into eternity, no matter how short or long it may be. And people receive my energy, encoded in colors and emotions, and these emotions always resonate with the souls of those who wanted to have my picture, eh, because he liked it, and this is an exact indicator that this particular picture will bring its owner good luck and joy. This is how it happens. And my sincere gratitude to those who supported and support me, buying my paintings. You do not allow the cycle of energies to be interrupted, because everything in this world is energy. And I am happy that since God has given me something, and this is really an amazing gift, then I can give myself to you and the world and leave my energetic trace. Thank you. Olga

Exhibitions of OLGA MATVEIUK

https://strumenti.dantebus.com/contest/artwork/43356 Concorso Nazionale di Pittura "Dantebus Bazart" - II Edizione

Education of OLGA MATVEIUK

Higher technical education. Secondary music education. Master of Sport. Numerous courses. Divemaster PADI.

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