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My name is Elen. I am Ukrainian, live in Kyiv, was born and raised here. I have grown up in a family of artists. My grandpa a master of mural and icons paintings. He helped many churches to create a unique canonical design. My mother was a master of the Petrikivska painting, a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting style. Her arts are mostly small canvases in oil with a lot of beautiful details, characters and motives. I have started painting fr om early childhood. I had won my first award when in 14 years old. It was the Wall Painting Award, the main prize in a children’s city tournament. My first professional work l sold when I was in the university, wh ere I was studying finance. Then, I started working at the bank and had rarely write paintings for the soul or as a gift for someone. For now, my heart tells me to concentrate on painting and to give my dream a new life. I believe that all things in this world are beautiful in their own way and my dream is to bring joy and warmth to people’s rooms and hearts. I would like people to see around themselves the beauty of life and colours. Hence, I write my pictures from the heart with the fullness of my senses when I am happy. Good to all and well-being!

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