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I paint pictures under the pseudonym Alek Gross. The main style is romantic realism. Technique - oil painting on canvas stretched on a stretcher. The main tools are a brush, a palette knife. The main stimulus in creativity is music. Some of my works are called compositions and albums by contemporary authors and composers of the Baroque era.

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I exhibit paintings on websites and auctions. Achievements: 1. Pictures of the day at the Artclub: 1) "Lunar Metamorphosis" - 11/14/2017; 2) "On the eve" - 12/17/2020: https: // aw = kd 2. First place in the art competition - "Game of Thrones" 15.11.2018: https: // 3. Audience Award in the art competition - "Spring freshness" 04/15/2020.


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Education: higher, technical. Academic degree: Ph.D. Art education: 1. A complete course in drawing and painting under the direction of Stan Smith. 2. Course of painting and drawing by I. Sakharov.

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