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About the artist Oksana Kryvenchuk

Oksana is a self-taught artist who discovered a passion for oil painting many years ago. A former professionally trained teacher all her life, Oksana was passionate about creating art. Originally from Ukraine, she has been living and working in Italy, a country that not just became a second home for her, but also a place whose rich history, unique spirit, and beautiful nature inspired her to take up the brushes. Despite the tragic events in her home country, Oksana decided not to give up and continued pursuing her love for art and oil paintings. Most of all, Oksana likes to work using the techniques of modern impressionism using a palette knife and experimenting with color shades. She says that sometimes the object itself dictates how it should be portrayed: "The main task of the artist, in this case, is not just to see, but also to hear the inner voice of the future painting and create exactly the image that leaves a unique impression and emotionally touches the viewer.”

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