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I am a self-taught artist from Ukraine. I paint light. But it hides, hides behind human words, more often behind actions. And I always want to illuminate, find a bright, worthy... I have been drawing for 3 years. Since childhood, I loved to draw, but adult life was far from creativity. I came to drawing because of a difficult period in my life, then I picked up a brush and paints, but first a ballpoint pen, and now it is my favorite tool. I love nature, birds, seasons, smells, tastes, I transfer all this to paper. I like to combine, I like random elements in drawing, I like paints, paper, process... I also like my works, although I consider them not ideal, but I love this imperfection, I love light, drops, wind, cold Life.

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“The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.” Wassily Kandinsky


EXHIBITIONS: 26.05-09.06.2023. Collective exhibition "Towards Art". Gallery "Globus". Boyko Art Center. 23.06-2.07.2023. Collective exhibition "Canvas of Desire". "Artist's House", Kyiv Prizes 1 place "I have talent" contest 04/15/2023 3 City of the "Golden Time Talent" contest, 05/27/2023 3 City of the "Golden Time Talent" contest, 05/27/2023


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