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About the artist Norberto Nunes

Born in May 1942 in Beira Litoral, Portugal. Attended the painting course in Escola de Artes Decorativas António Arroio, in Lisbon, and simultaneously takes painting classes from the painter Roberto de Araújo in Sociedade de Belas Artes. After graduating, he starts working on animated cartoons and children book illustration, both areas where he develops a series of work. In the 70’s Norberto goes to Brazil, where he spent 2 years working in the advertising film industry. He returns to Portugal in 1977 and launches his own film producing company, Nova Imagem, in which he wins innumerous national and international awards for advertising film making – a Silver Cannes Lion and a Silver Award in the New York Festival are some of the many. From 1998 on Norberto dedicates his full time to painting. Since then he had exhibitions in Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Cantanhede, Porto, Santarém, Amadora, Lagoa e Cosntância. His works were also exhibited in Paris, Madrid, New York, Ro de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, Recife and Fortaleza. From 2001 on Norberto spends most of his time in Rio de Janeiro, where he starts a series of paintings based in the poetry of Fernando Pessoa. Recently he is developing a similar concept based in the stories of Hans Christian Andersen.

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