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Nino Gudadze

Artist from Georgia

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About the artist Nino Gudadze

I was born in Georgia, Tbilisi. I am self-taught artist. I came to art at the age of 27. I fell in love of drawing and painting. I make art objects with variety instruments, mediums and techniques.I like graphic and drawing in pencil and charcoal, soft pastels and oi; I like to try newest mediums as well as traditional ones, mix, reorder, reuse paints and other materials, including new media and tools. I start my work with research. And when my idea become more or less clear. I start making it. Art is my passion and a way to discover myself. For me, art is the essence of life. I love nature very much and it inspires me.

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2021- Digital Exhibition Week of Women in Art 2023-Digital Exhibition Week of Women in Art


I am self taught. artist. 2 years studied individually with teacher.

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