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Landscapes, portraits, copies of world masterpieces and still lifes - all these works Nikolai Grigoryevich began to create, having retired and trying to plunge into the world of creativity and imagination. Today in his personal collection is about 50 works, 15 of them participate in the exhibition. Nikolai Zhupikov, born 1949 in the village of Kamyshanovka (Kyrgyzstan) in a peasant family. Later, he lived in the village of Grigoryevka, the beautiful coast of Lake Issyk-Kul. While studying at school, he independently became interested in drawing, copying book illustrations. In 1972 he moved with his family to Odessa.

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2019 year Ukraine Odessa. Art cafe. Exposition "Lyrical landscape"


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In 1968 he was drafted into the army, where by distribution he was in the ranks of the Navy. During the service, he had a chance to circumnavigate the world, starting from Russky Island and ending with Kamchatka passing the Drake Channel. In 1972, Zhupikov entered the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers.

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