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I wanted to draw since childhood, but... There was a lot but not enough free time. And creativity takes time. Then I used it clumsily, but now I really, really appreciate it, I take care of it and try to use every opportunity to do everything and even more. I greedily save my time and create. This is an immersion, when it is impossible to count the minutes, the reality leaves from under the feet and the feeling of awakening of the girl-child that is inside comes. In these moments I am so happy. Happy in different ways - either with a riot of colors and powerful energy, or with a roll of halftones in one breath, or in indescribable ecstasy with half-closed eyes. I create... Sometimes it seems to me that I feel, hear color... Today I want to paint with yellow, but yesterday I needed white. A week ago it was red, and it still bubbling inside me. Paints get into me intravenously. Maybe through the skin... After all, I really like to draw, to refine the details, with my fingers. I create my works on plywood using the aging technique. Often I add volumetric elements. So the pictures become "tastier". Basically, this is an abstraction, so that there is air, space for thought and imagination. I will not hide, I search a lot, I get inspired, I pass through myself and, applying my vision and technique, I create. I'm not an artist, I just create....

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I am not an artist by education, but for 10 years I have been eagerly studying and practicing various handmade techniques and directions. I plunged into feng shui, actively applying knowledge about energies, the influence of color. She was engaged in the design of packaging and advertising in her specialty as a marketer, developing her artistic taste and sense of style. Next - landscape design with forms, transitions, accents and combinations. You can draw from anywhere. Now I am actively using this experience to create interior paintings.

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