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Natalia Loginova, a truth-loving artist with a keen sense of justice and a great desire to change this world for the better, but I start with myself regardless of the circumstances and the disability of the first group. I see only a little with one eye, 0.02. Paintings have become a way for me to convey the beauty I feel, to inspire joy in people's souls. I paint with acrylic, I work in the style of romantic realism. Despite the pain from the constant bent state, standing at a 90-degree angle, touching my face to the work, I work almost every day for 4 hours. Creating works in very unusual and difficult conditions, despite all this, I am responsible for the smallest details. Therefore, my works reflect my stubborn and strong character. I put the most positive energy and love into my works, this is my language of communication with the viewer. I chose landscapes, because nature radiates, in my opinion, powerful energy, because it is natural beauty, given to us for natural enjoyment. I draw nature, I don't get attached to a specific form, because it creates a framework for me that I don't want to feel in my work. During the creation of works, I immerse myself in a dream - to visit these picturesque corners, it gives me a sense of travel, which I love very much. I often depict places of incredible beauty from my imagination or from photographs, adding special details to feel the individual romantic world that I feel. My works are alive and bright. Connoisseurs of my work note the therapeutic effect of viewing my works, the viewer is filled with energy and my lust for life.

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2024 Art festival "Art in the interior", "Globus" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2024 Exhibition of modern Ukrainian art, Art Space Armigera Art, "The Color of Traditions", Kyiv, Ukraine. 2024 VIII International Art Festival MALUY.UA, "The Road of Good", Kyiv, Ukraine. 2021 "Dnieper Waves" Festival, city of Kaniv, Organizer of the NGO "KOOI Vidrodzhennya" 2019 "Silver Dews" Festival, Srybne 2019 "Restless Heart" contest, third prize in the category of artistic creativity 2018, 2019 – The impossible is possible - Organizer Mission of service to the blind, Kropyvnytskyi.


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2023 Master's degree Eastern Ukrainian University named after Dal, Psychology/social work 2019 – Painting courses at the educational and rehabilitation center "Halychyna", 9 months 2005-2011 State Institute of Social Technologies and Labor Law, legal education - social security lawyer, specialist diploma. Courses 2023 Grants specialist, 3 months, NGO "Strength of the Country" 2023 School of Women Leaders, 2 months, NGO "Parostok" 2023 Information security, 1 month, NGO "Sprout" 2023 English for beginners, 3.5 months, NGO "Institute of Ukrainian Studies" 2023 Capable Ukraine is a program for the development of economic barrier-freeness in the context of the reconstruction of Ukraine. The project is implemented by iHUB with the support of the Civil Society Support Program in Ukraine. 2022 Basics of psychology, 63 hours, "Osnova" training center 2022 SMM and marketing, 2 months, NGO "Horizon of Changes" 2022 Psychology of wartime, 3 months 2021 Sales management and work in call centers, 4 months, NGO "Institute of Ukrainian Studies" 2021 Art therapy in working with finances, 30 hours, Osnova training center 2021 Music therapy, 12 hours, Osnova training center 2021 Theory and practice of art therapy, 40 hours, Osnova training center 2018 Psychology of Speech, NGO "Institute of Ukrainian Studies" 2017 Self-presentation 2017, 1 month, NGO "Institute of Ukrainian Studies"

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